Recovering wallet with only private keys(mixed letters and numbers)

Hello guys.
I would be very grateful if you show or tell me the way to recover my Ada wallet from Atomic Wallet only via Private key(Mixed letters and number). I deleted my wallet and i only have saved private key Private key(Mixed letters and numbers) not twelve recovery phrases.
Is there any hope to restore my coins? i restored my Trons with importing private keys to Trust wallet but I can’t do it about Cardano.!
Please, help me to access my coins!

Excuse me, I think you didn’t understand me. My coins was in Atomic wallet . I deleted the wallet from my PC to upgrade to windows 10. I forgot to save 12 recovery phrases. I only have my private keys(mixed letters and numbers).
I already know that I can’t import private keys from other wallets to Atomic. I could restored my Trons via private keys by importing to Trust wallet but i’m not able to do it about Cardano.

Understand now, You want to import the privvate keys from AW into another Cardano wallet, as far as I know Daedalus or Yoroi will not allow you… I read now on other topics anf some one succeded with Guarda Wallet but I can tell you if it’s a scam (the wallet ) or not, please DYR before to try

More detalis here:

PS: I see guarda wallet has an app on playstore

I could restore my Tron Atomic Wallet by importing to Trust Wallet. But I can’t do the same way with Ada(Cardano). Do you think this flaw is from Cardano system or Atomic Wallet?

try guarda wallet for cardano; it can solve your issue; I made a research and Ididn’t saw posts about SCAMs but better to do your own research