I Only have my Private key what should I do?

I bought my coins on January 2019 and I understand now that many things have changed so how can I recover my coins while I only hold my private key because that’s the only thing i knew back than that matters with the rest of cryptos.

where did you kept your ada, daedalus or yoroi?
have u the wallet installed, are u able to see the balance?

daedalus but i don’t have the folder or anything because i only saved the private key on USB

private key - the seed words for recovery? or the password for spending?

i don’t think that’s my seeds, just private key like many other crypto where it’s a long combination of numbers & letters. I thought that’s all i need to restore my wallet because the rest of crypto had the same.

at least do u remember the spending password?

if i did set any kind of password then yes i should have the right one. But how i can use the private key to recover it now because the new wallet don’t provide the option to restore from private key ?

it would have been easier if you had copied the words for wallet restore, are u sure you didn’t wrote somewhere?

if not you should open a ticket to IOHK support team here and ask them when/if you can restore your wallet with private keys and spending password.


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Unfortunately no i checked everywhere to be sure that’s why i’m asking for help.
I’ll contact IOHK. Thanks.

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Just a newbie question, why we can’t restore a wallet directly from private key like many other coins ?

because right now this option was not released… that’s why I told u to contact the IOHK, maybe they can provide u more details… if you are looking in daedalus u have this option (import) but it is not activated/developed yet

Yes I understand and I already got a reply form them :

" We are looking into the possibility of implementing an alternative option (the wallet import functionality), however this is not guaranteed to work for everyone, especially for users running very old Daedalus versions.
Unfortunately at this point we cannot provide an ETA for when the feature will be released. "

I was just wondering about it because for me it’s more logical to go for that option first as that was the main option that any newbie needed to learn to protect his coin offline.

So that’s why it seemed weird for me that they provide recovery using other option but not the private key.

Anyway i’ll be checking regular for updates and thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

yes, but it is more easy for newbie to write few words on a paper… instead to copy and secure the private key; perhaps you will find your seed words… are u sure u didn’t copied somewhere? maybe a picture, on a paper, etc

Yes i’m sure, i made it easy for my self, every coin had a file where i only wrote public & private key so whenever i wanted to restore it it would be simple. But i guess i had also to keep the 12 words.

yes, and IOHK are aware about this, and they will try to develop/release that option as soon as they can.
meanwhile if you want to try… but carefully to not destroy your keys (make a copy)…

@aleksmart @no1ninja1973 I was able to restore my old wallet by piecing together the instructions throughout input-output-hk/cardano-wallet#2395

perhaps @aleksmart or @mprymek can help you with the steps… or what do you need in order to recover

Great i’ll check it out. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: