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Hi I have atomic wallet. I had registered it’s cardano address in an exchange site.But I missed that wallet and it’s 12 words backup. I forgot to change my cardano address in the exchange store. In that forgotten wallet I have some cardano. I only have its private key. Is there anyone to help me? How can I have easily my lost cardano in my new wallet. You know I got confused. I tried to recover it by different wallets and apps but I didn’t success. thank you.

Without the 12 seed word, I think u can’t restore the Atomic wallet, sorry

Knowing my address I can reach my cardano in block chain. I mean I see where my cardano in block chain is but I don’t know how to transfer it to my wallet. I need a professional’s help.

Hello @MohammadReza_Moradi

I am very sorry this happened…

It seems that you lost the wallet words but you have the private key in your possession. Is this the case? Then you can recover your wallet with Guarda Wallet. Here are the steps to follow:

Thanks for your support. But it wasn’t useful for me. You can try yourself. No any cardano private key in atomic wallet is valid in other wallet. I don’t know what the problem is

I have never used Atomic wallet. I thought that article would help… I’m really sorry this happened.

Best regards.

Hey MUHAMMAD i hope you doing good,
I can help you don’t worry.
There are three options its depend which you like

No1: How do I import Atomic Wallet private keys to Metamask? - Atomic Wallet Knowledge Base

In this above atomic support link they show the way of eth but you can also add cardano ada private keys but for this you need to add cardano contract address in metamask and show it first.

No2: you can add this private key to a new atomic wallet create a new one and add your private key in that if there is a option i think it will be there.

No3: you can check infinito wallet its also support cardano ada private keya.

I think at least on of these three options can solve your problem and safe your money.
And if you need any help i can also try be myself if you ask me. Good luck