Compromise wallet

HI, my atomic wallet was compromise and they took everything…The only reason I still have my Cardano coin is because my Deposite is still pending for some reason and they scamer are waiting for cardano to be deposit…Atomic wallet told me I can transfer my privete key to Guardo Wallet…The problem with the Guarda wallet, it keeps telling me, the Cardano private key is not valid… Atomic wallet has the privete key to copy and paste and I copy and paste…Can you help me?

U must keep refreshing the wallet till u will receive the ADA and after that move faster to another wallet like yoroi or daedalus

Can the scammer change my private key?

I don’t think so

ok, thank you…

Just incase, I cant refresh it, can I take my private key, to somewhere else to recover my cardano?

You can use the private keys to restore the wallet on another device

ok, thank you, Ill try that.

Im sorry, I have my private key from the atomic wallet…But what can I do with the private key to restore cardano? Sorry, im new on this…

You have the seed words for atomic wallet?

yes, I have everything,I can see I have my 50,000 in cardano because it is still pending… Its stock. Thats why I believe they haven’t taken it

Don’t u have another device? Try to install the atomic wallet and restore it with the seed words and set a new password

Meantime prepare the yoroi wallet to move the funds ASAP

Thants the problem , I been doing that, but its still pending. .Cant withdraw it or exchange it! its horrible…I don’t think they got it… I still see the balance

Ok, then wait till will became available for withdraw… perhaps attomic wallet performing upgrades (preparing for SC)

I see my balance its still there…Do you think they took it?

Nope, u can check on or to transaction history

ok, thank you…

But u will need to be prepare and move tham asap when will be available

I got nothing to add except good luck.

Highly recommend making a new wallet to transfer to … this way you can send your ADA to the new wallet and have a new private key that is not compromised.

If you have a significant amount (whatever that amount means to you) then investing in a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor is a great way to add some security to your wallets in the future!

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