I cannot sell exchange or move into another wallet my cardano, its stuck at the atom

I will not have fun anymore. We cardano ada as wedding gift. Now we have a situation that every penny needed and I noticed my wallet has raised about 550e. Nice!
But I cannot exchange cardano. Not move to another wallet. I have tried it all, every day and I tihnk this is second week - before that I just tried every now and then.

So i go bank and they will say sorry we do not have your money, or better “we do have your money but we need it elsewhere”

Time of joking is now over.
Tomorrow i will go into the police station also I will contact my layer at once. I have been always just said take it easy they have major update going on there. WTF I am customer, right? And I really did look your project up. I have strong belief into this. But perhaps I am wrong. And I have been badly scammed.


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I ask that can u plz just convert them yourself whenever you want and pay me out for it. That would be most fair thing to do. I will buy ada more later. But this is very unfair situation and I dont want to use days to update this and that now daedalus need update oh then it didnt need I am really loosing this…

Sorry you’re having this experience, but I advise you not to go to police or lawyer, they’d see you as wasting their time.

The fact you’re a customer does not magically make complex technological issues go away. All exchanges have suspended ADA transactions, for various lengths of time, some are back up but I’d be surprised if Atomic was the only one that’s still down.

It is impossible for anyone other than Atomic to do anything about this. I advise you to update Daedalus and check back with Atomic every day until they re-enable withdrawals.

Mysterios thing is that Atomic says that problem is somewhere in your technology. So. I dont get help. I am scammed.
I will go police and whats the point if I loose. I can start my next reality tv for net scamming shit.

Yeah I only hope u understand that soething need to be done if there has been MONTH that I cannot do anything with my Cash.

Could u PLZ contact there and explain that how the problem is theres. I cannot handle it.

And its not anyhow any excuse that new technology does not always work. When it is about money I can tell that my country and eu have a lot of directives to protect citizens.

But hey I am lazy person who only need money to cheer up wife and then I will start to collet funds to be ultra rich cryptoman. Now I am annoyed hope u understand.

Please submit a support request. I advise you to make it as factual and unemotional as possible.

Second edit (first deleted). Sorry, going back and forth a bit on this. The appropriate product to select on that page would seem to be Cardano Integration.

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My defence only been awake for 10 mins in any event here is support@atomicwallet.io

Wrong link posted trying to find it again :joy::joy::joy:

@Jani_Hakonen, I have spoken with atomic and they assure that they are on the case and working diligently, they are going to give either a post or an email with regards to a time as to when the upgrade is expected to be released


Allright!!! Whadda customer service! Sorry being so mad about it, ty for understanding.
I hope all good and really this project is really good and really intelligent ppl behind :slight_smile: Sorry chidlish talk about police n shit but I really got mad about this.

@Jani_Hakonen but you have a contract or sth, haven’t you? Otherwise what are u complaining about? Welcome to crypto space

Thank you really contacting them, for me they always said that problem is in your updates and they dont know how long this will takes

I can fully understand your frustration and needing to cash, many of us are in the same boat with various wallet providers, its a major upgrade for them and unfortunately it takes time.

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@Jani_Hakonen I hope I am understanding you correctly, but sounds like an exchange issue? I know that updating the exchange wallets was a little hectic on the backend for the exchanges. I would reach out to one of the exchange operators where your wallet is held to see they can help you. But @Trigger is right, you aren’t alone, but your funds are still relatively safe if they are on an exchange.

Hey you seem like you know a lot about cardano, anyways do you have any idea or more information about why I cant send my cardano to the deadalus wallet from atomic wallet? is this still an issue? it keeps saying on atomic wallet “please check the address”

As already said above, it’s due to the very recent very big changes that have affected all Cardano holders, users and exchanges. For more information contact atomic at the address above.

thanks for the reply I just wanted to clarify. Hopefully its fixed soon I’m sitting on a ton of cardano and I was stake really bad.

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Welcome @blissment, yes as @RobJF was saying big changes, the address format has changed on Mainnet from what it was on the ITN its no small feat changing so exchanges and wallets alike have been working with Cardano has been working with these in order to expedite matters.

You can now restore your adacoin from atomic wallet.using guarda wallet via private key