NFT stuck and ADA in Atomic wallet Cardano wallet

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue. I had some ADA and an NFT in my Yoroi wallet. I moved some ADA to my Atomic Wallet to do some transactions. Somehow my Cardano NFT got mixed in the outgoing transaction to my Atomic wallet automatically without me adding it. Now the ADA balance shows in my Atomic wallet. I can also see the ADA and the NFT on the block explorer. I am able to see the ADA in Atomic Wallet but not the NFT as Atomic Wallet is not NFT compatible. I tried to just send the ADA and the NFT back to yoroi, but now all my ADA is frozen. I can’t send it or exchange it, nothing. I have tried to import the Atomic wallet into Cardano wallets and the ones that take 12 word seeds lie ADA Lite will still not let me transact with the NFT stuck in there. Yoroi and Deadalus will not take a 12 word seed phrase, so I am unable to import it back from Atomic. Any dev in here know how to separate the NFT from the rest of the ADA? Basically, I am out about 1000 ADA and my NFT because of this. Atomic Wallet said they do not have NFT functionality and do not know how to help.
I checked with Guarda Wallet and the team that made the NFT, and they all refer me back to check with the Cardano team. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the ADA balance and the NFT stuck on the blockchain exlorer… Address | Cardano Explorer

I have the same issue. Have a cardano nft stuck in atomic wallet. We can only hope they update the wallet to support multi assets.

Thank you! Although I am sorry you are having this issue, I am glad I am not alone in this. I did finally get Atomic Wallet to admit it is their issue that they need to deal with. They have confirmed 2x that they are working on the NFT compatibility issue with their wallets and that our ADA tokens and NFTs are not lost.

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Oh wow this is good news then! I have a spacebud as well. At least by the time they fix this shit our budz will be worth like 100x

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OK. I found a solution. I found on Reddit that several other people had this same issue. Atomic Wallet has done nothing to address this issue. If you import your Atomic Cardano wallet into then the NFT will be separated from the NFT. You can then send your ADA to any other wallet from there.