Deposit ADA into Yoroi wallet with blockchain only?

My ADA disappeared from my Atomic Wallet desktop app on my Mac. Literally went down to ZERO right in front of my eyes. I checked my iphone app and same exact thing happened as I watched. I checked my Atomic Wallet address in the the Cardano blockchain and see that my ADA are all still in tact, all still there. Not sure whats up with Atomic, i purchased Ledger Nano S and it was actually delivered yesterday so i want to transfer my ADA to it. Is there a way to do this without being able to actually transfer it out of Atomic? There’s nothing to transfer there, but i’m wondering if there’s a way to deposit or import it into my Ledger using Yorio?

I think this bug is already known and they aware of it. Have some patient until they fix it.

After that you are able to transfer them.


Good to know, thank you sir!

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