Registering Your Pool With DDNS

Hey guys,
A few days ago I changed my pool [CORAL] from using an IP address to a Dynamic DNS since I don’t have the luxury of a static IP at my residential address. I decided to use the premium DDNS service from which was recommended by SPO’s on the forums. However after re-registering the IP hasn’t changed to my DDNS “”. I can see on that my registration went through when I submitted it but it says my IP is the same. Is there something I’m doing wrong that im not aware of, I’m following coin cashews guide for re-registering the pool 18.4 Changing the pledge, fee, margin, etc. Also see below image of topology updater script, should I have or CNODE_HOSTNAME=“

Any insight would be much appreciated!

I am unable to ping, request time out. Start looking into that first!

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But even if the Dynamic DNS wasn’t working the registered address should of changed to that hostname instead of the current IPV4 address thats being displayed on adapools and right? Like isn’t it possible to register your pool with an arbitary number or word that is obviously not a working hostname and it should still be displayed on the pool registry?

Also I found the hostname does resolve when I use DIG or NSLOOKUP And it resolves to the correct IP of my servers. So I think something has gone wrong on the registration side of things


Also double check your settings in No-IP (Did you use noip software to update the IP, or did you configure the DDNS on the router?). Because your hostname is still not reachable from an outside network. I mean it’s resolving to the IP (That’s what I see here), but that’s not enough, it needs to be reachable.

Is port 6000 reachable and port forwarded properly?

Try the above and let me know