Pool with dynamic IP!

I want to use my internet and a server at home to make a Pool, but my net has a dynamic IP, how do I solve this problem, do you have any solution in linux that I can use as the NoIP? it works ??? and someone uses it here ???

Have you looked at Dynamic DNS? Most major DNS providers give you a Dynamic DNS option when you buy a domain name. You then get an API key which allows you to lookup your public IP and then change your DNS accordingly. I tested this not long ago and it was quite quick and straight forward.

You would of coarse then need your pools relay to be registered in your pool certificate to the DNS you have purchased and control with the Dynamic DNS. Then setup some kind of systemctl service or cron job which finds and publishes your DNS to your provider. If you google something like

shell script for dynamic DNS update you will find a lot of examples of easily copy/paste scripts you can leverage to get going very quickly.

I wish i could remember the repo i got this from to credit it accordingly but I cant… I just adapted it slightly for my purpose:

last_ip=$(cat $last_ip_file)
echo “DDNS-UPDATE: OK, Getting public IP address”
ip=$(curl -s http://dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/getip)
if [ $ip == $last_ip ]; then
echo “IP Unchanged - DDNS routine Aborted”
exit 0

echo “DDNS-UPDATE: Public IP is: $ip, Updating IP…”

host= {your-sub-domain-here}
domain= {your-domain-here}
password= {your-key-here}
response=$(curl -s “https://dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/update?host=$host&domain=$domain&password=$password&ip=$ip”)#echo $response
echo $ip > $last_ip_file


I use noip. Works fine! They have linux package that you can install that checks, and if necessary, updates your IP to their servers. so your dynamic dns always points to the right IP.

If you plan to use AWS, something like this will work:

If you have a cgnat connection you can also use a tcp tunnel via ngrok. That’s what I use for my server and connection.

Thanks for the answers