Dynamic DNS vs Static IP


I’m setting up a stake pool on a bare metal server in my home and my ISP provider cannot offer me a static IP address but it can offer me dDNS which would give me a “static” ip address.

Would this work/be safe to operate a stake pool under these circumstances?

Thank you in advance!


Yes - the only problem with the timeframe when the IP is being changed on your interface. So connections needs to be established with remote nodes and remote nodes should be reconnect again.
This period can take up to 2-3 min. So if the block production was scheduled during that timeframe you can miss the creation.

I’m not sure I follow. Why would my ip change? Could you give me more details please?

Your ISP is not providing you a static IP.
They recommend you to use a ddns (Dynamic DNS).
This means that when the IP is changing it is reported to the DDNS service which then assigns the new IP.

So the DDNS domain name stays the same, the IP behind it changes automatically in this scenario.
And as @laplasz alread mentioned, there might be some Delay with that which might be a problem

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Potentially this could be solved by using Wireguard to connect the instances. Because it allows to build the connection initiated from the home server and then using the internal VPN Adress for the communication back. Requires using “persistent-keepalive”.

Not sure if it’s too advanced. If you want to consider this check out out Wireguard VPN here: Quick Start - WireGuard

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so that is why your IP wont be static - means dynamic - means changing IP over time

Thanks for the info! I will have a look on it (maybe this adds some delay to packet forwarding)