Anyone had issues with their isp not letting them create stating ip sddresses?

Ok so my NEXT dilemma while trying to create an environment to run a stake pool is as follows:

I contacted my ISP (stectrum) after trying to create static ips on my machines to no avail. Is there any way around this other than renting multiple vms? My ISP does provide ip forwarding but from my understanding that is not the same thing as a static ip. Thanks for any help in advance cardano fam! Would really like to get the balm rolling but have had so many tech setbacks it’s unbelievable lol.

I’ve been using ngrok ( I have a tcp tunnel with them and that provide a direct port into my relay node. This works on my cgnat connection.

But if your ISP will provide port forwarding, you can setup a dynamic dns service and that should forward the port through. Otherwise try ngrok.

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As long as i could set up port forwardibg sp that it is safe for the operation Of the pool and safety of its delegators that is the #1 priority.

Ps: I am very appreciative of how fast and informative this community is. Reminds me every time that i am making the right leap of faith to change myself and my loved ones lives and invest in something that will make a real difference in the world at the same time.

You’ll need a firewall and all the normal network/linux security. But don’t forget that for your pool to be useful, your node needs to be seen by the network. Your BP is then hidden from the wider network by your own internal network, or secure connection between the relay and BP.

Are you planning on using baremetal or a cloud based service?

Baremetal which is why i want to be able to configure my own static ips. And yes i understand that this is one 1 of many security measures. Now from what i gathered form watching crypto carlos on the stake pool operator school is that static ips are essential for running both the relays and the bp nodesz? Please correct me if i am mistaken.

If you’re running baremetal at home/work (like I am). Then you only need your local network connection between the relay and BP. Only the relay needs to have a static IP & port.

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Its a little dif than the tutorials on because thats all base around renting vms. Havent been able to find a definitive guide for running straight hardware.

I followed this guide, Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew which has been quite helpful.

Thank you. You have been helpful in my journey as well.