Public IP address Record A

Question, my relay’s are registered, Evey time my public IP changes I go down till I can update my record A, which has been happening a lot lately. I there a way to fix this so it’s automated? If I just change my relay’s back to their static ip address re-register my relays and remove the record A will they resolve on their own every time the public address changes?

The question is: Why does your public IP change regularly?

Is DynDNS what you’re looking for?


There are several different scripts to make it work. So script will be run for example every minute and check if IP changes and if it changes it will update DNS record.

If you are using AWS for DNS records, then following manuals might help you:

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I’d like to add my contribution.

You can have DynDNS setup to get a static hostname always resolving in your updated IP address.
But if you want to use a pretty DNS record you can have one in your DNS zone. Just setup a CNAME record resolving in to the DynDNS one :slightly_smiling_face: