Relay - Error Messages

Hey All,

I just installed RTView on my node and 1 of my relays is getting a large amount of errors, are these expected?

(I checked my topology files and firewall 100 times)

any ideas? the error messages are below.

I used to have even four to five digits in error messages :wink:

Filter by warning, and check out which peers you could not connect to. Also, you can download a CSV-file of the errors, sort them by message column and get a quick overview who’s been down for a restart only 5-30 minutes or who’s an already abandoned pool (large amounts of “host not reachabne” or “connection refused”). In rt-view 0.2 there is/was an error with line feeds in the afore mentioned csv-file. For my purposes I simply try to fix it with something like this:

cat cardano-rt-view-[host]-errors.csv | sed -e 's/"]"2020/"]"\n2020/g' > cardano-rt-view-[host]-errors-linesplit.csv

Next year, change 2020 to 2021, obviously :slight_smile:. Just a quick fix.

Example: Tonight I collected 2700 warnings about a single relay from a very well known stake pool group not being reachable for 8 to 10 hours… Since I started having these enormous amounts of errors showing up, I started cutting connections to unreliable relays an replacing them with more consistent ones. Removed pools and addresses are recorded on my personal-blacklist with, time, my host and reason. Just a spreadsheet. Since then, things go much smoother :slight_smile: I only check errors once or twice a day. And if they do not persist (they’re time stamped) I just delete them. Everybody once in a while has to do maintenance, so shorter downtimes are not a concern.

Please keep in mind, that rt-view might consume enormous amounts of memory for these messages and - at least in 0.2 - does not free its memory. So, if you happen to have anything else running on this machine, restart rt-view once in a while. Enormous meaning 20GB of RAM in my case.

Thank you for the response. Very helpful!