Resources to learn decentralized applications

Hello from Europe,

I’m looking for resources to learn more about decentralized applications, and if possible on ADA.

I have a strong background in CS, and I develop in haskell since ~2 years.

Thank you


A great way to start is the free Udemy course for Marlowe:

There is also one for Plutus:

Since you are already familiar with Haskell make sure to get the Plutus book on Leanpub for a price you set yourself, even for free:

Testnets overview page:


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Awesome, I already downloaded the Plutus book.

I was also very curious to use Udemy and check out the materials available on it.

Hi! Do you know if the Plutus book purchased on Amazon for the Kindle will be updated with new updates and chapters? Or is it necessary to buy it again?