Free Marlowe and Plutus courses on udemy and a Plutus book

:warning: Please note the links and information here are very outdated

In case you missed it, there is now a free Marlowe course on udemy:

And also a Plutus course:

And soon a Plutus book by Lars Brünjes:


enrolled in all of them!!!


(Course was OK but I am more looking forward to the book)

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@adatainment, thanks for sharing this information! Enrolled and already finished the Marlowe Course.
Question: Do you know if in the future additional Marlowe Courses will be offered? I feel that I learned a lot but, for example, it was not explained how to connect wallets to the smart contract platform.


Pre-Ordered the book. Going through the Plutus course now.

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You can get the Plutus book on Leanpub for a price you set yourself, even free.