Restore requires Wallet Name? It does not. [Solved]

Luckily I tested out the backup restore, I came to realize you need the wallet name along with your 12 word passphrase. I glad I was testing or the unthinkable would have happened.

No.That is not what i experienced.

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My understanding is that you can put in any name you like and that will be the name of the “new” wallet.

Just wondering if you could test the following maybe?

Tested, wallet name is not passed on to Cardano’s blockchain.




Could a moderator or @w0lverin3 retitle this post, please?
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You would not need to do any test if you really understand how Cardano blockchain works.
This applies to the below one either.

This post is filed under random, not developers, we need to factor that in, which is why I added screenshots, not everyone understands how the blockchain works, nor should they feel they have to. :wink:

You’re right.

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Yet @_ilap is right, it is good for encouragement to understand how the code works, actually this thread should be common knowledge, I was just encouraging @w0lverin3 to know for themselves .

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I don’t want anyone else to come across this post and panic at the title, because they did not record their wallet name.


Ya I could see someone thinking they have no clue what they might have named it after a couple months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Months, for me that would be as soon as I deleted that wallet.


Topic renamed.


unfortunately my wallet restore is not allowing spaces between the words and automatically throws an error saying that I need to include all 12 words… wtf is up with that. where’s my goddamn money?

That’s the way it works, you choose the individual words, spaces are not needed or accepted.

(The word “phrase” is maybe misleading in relation to this, it’s not a 12 word long phrase but just 12 individual words.)

Correct @RobJF , but 12 individual words in the correct order. Not trying to nitpick :slight_smile:

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