Potential issue with Wallet

Here is an issue I just experienced myself. I created a new wallet and noted down the passphrase. verified it twice. Then i selected keywords in right order to verify passphrase. Then my new wallet opened and i copied the address to send cardano to my wallet. Just before that, I stopped. i decided to restore wallet.

I entered passphrase using restore wallet option and it said that passphrase is not valid. WTF!!

so, here I think what happened. I missed some letter in passphrase even after checking twice. so, the step of verifying passphrase by clicking each word in passphrase is bad way to verify passphrase. you must type in manually.

My 2 cents…or 2 ADA…if you like that.



Hi, @sach_nyc Currently is this the best solution for any other wallet (For bitcoin, ethereum…) ,since blockchain have no centralised organisation in charge of verifying which wallet belongs to whom, therefore the proof of ownership is the private key, in this case the 12 word passphrase.

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I agree with that but you must type in key again manually to verify you have correct key. That was my suggestion

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