Setting Up Non-Passphrased / Passphrased Accounts on Deadalus via Ledger Nano X

Sorry if a solution to this has been posted, but I’ve searched/read all posts and couldn’t find my specific situation. Just a caveat, I’m new to hot and cold wallets and this will be my first time moving my Cardano off of an exchange to a wallet.

I created a new passphrased wallet (25th word) on my Nano X. I then installed the Cardano app. I have the Daedalus Wallet fully installed/syced but when trying to pair the Ledger wallet in Daedalus, I noticed the public key account number is the same both under the non-passphrased account as well as when I enter the passphrase (I only use the “set temporary passphrase” method, not the attach to PIN code method). I tried with the non-passphrased and passphrased modes before clicking on the pair to wallet. Is this happening because I’ve really only created one Cardano account (or public key) under the passphrased wallet?

I can’t tell which account I’m pairing to. I’ve read that the Ledger Nano will only hold one Cardano key. Is this the private or public key? I may not understand how it functions.

Since Cardano isn’t supported in Ledger Live I don’t know if you can create a Cardano account under the non-passphrased account.

I would like my major/long term Cardano holdings on the passphrased account. This passphrased account is where I will also be staking my Cardano from and ensuring I’m pairing the correct account. My non-passphrased account (24 words) will have a smaller amount ( “play” account). It’s a little easier to see this in Ledger Live with supported coins like ETH because you can see the address.

Thanks for any help!


Ledger will export only the public key to daedalus.
Now if u want to have multiple wallets u will need to use passphrases (or PIN), one for each wallet (u can use also one wallet without passphrase). Each passphrase used it will generate a new wallet and also a new set of keys…

BKP all passphrases used carefully and first time try to play/test with few ADA (2, 3 ADA)

Create the wallets, send few ADA to each one and then try to restore the wallets… u can use also to pair the ledger … if everything is fine after tests (delete wallet and restore again) u can send all funds


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Wow that was a fast reply! Thanks. Just making sure I understand how to create and find the separate Cardano wallets on the Ledger and how they work.

My two wallets are already set up under the same seed phrase:
(1) the wallet without the passphrase
(2) the wallet with the passphrase as the main/long-term/staking.

  1. If the Cardano public key the same concept like an ETH address, how do I create a 2nd public key (address) so I’ll have a public key in each Cardano wallet?

  2. If there is a way of creating a 2nd public key, after entering the passphrase to access the “main/long-term” wallet, how do I verify I’m connecting to the correct public key or wallet address before pairing to it in Daedalus? I don’t see a way to confirm it because the Ledger shows me the same public key number to export with AND without the passphrase entered.

In Ledger Live, I can see that my ETH accounts have two different public addresses (1) in my wallet without the passphrase and (2) wallet WITH the passphrase. Based on this, I thought I would have a different Cardano public key (address) for each Cardano wallet and be easier to tell which account I’m in.

Thanks again for explaining everything Alex!

PS: when u will want to restore the main wallet (passphrase) it should ask for passphrase when u
restore the wallet in daedalus or yoroi or

  • leaving blank (empty) it should restore the wallet unprotected with passphrase
  • write the passphrase and it should restore the main wallet protected with passphrase

Please test it before with a small amount