Restoring Yoroi Wallet with Ledger Recovery Phrase

Hello everyone,

Because of travel restrictions I don’t have access to my Ledger Nano S and I wonder if I can restore my Yoroi Wallet with the Ledger Recovery Phrase without using a new Ledger.

With the BIP39 Tool I could derive the private keys for most coins, but it seems that for ADA it is not possible. Does anyone know if there is an answer?


Theoretically possible? Yes. In a user-friendly interface? No, unfortunately not. This is because Cardano has a custom way of deriving the root private key from a recovery phrase but Ledger instead uses the standard that other cryptocurrencies follow (that’s why you can’t just type the recovery phrase into Daedalus and have it magically work).

You can see the code required to extract a Ledger private key here: (pls don’t actually enter your recovery phrase into a website though). However, even with the root key, you will have to write a custom script to use it (no handy tools for importing a wallet from a private key as far as I know)

You can learn more about deriving the root key from a recovery phrase in CIP3:


Hi Sebastien,

I always connect my Ledger Nano to Yoroi wallet. Today I deleted my Yoroi web browser extension and reinstalled again. But after I reinstalled and I logged in and connected with my Ledger Nano again, my old wallets and balances vanished all. Both Byron and Shelley wallets show zero balance and no historical transactions.

Any idea how I can retreive my old wallets with the same Ledger Nano I used before?

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@Damin_Daoudi - Your issue might likely be associated with the 24-words used on ledger device. But please open a seperate thread for your issue, as it is not the same as original thread here.

Hi support team,
Could you please help me with my case!

I have 747 ADA in an account. When I set it up, I didn’t remember anything, I use Ledger Nano X. When I send ADA to Binance to sell. It can’t be sent out because It is always show the notice that “Error received from server while sending transaction” Could you explain that for me and help me to fix it?
I so angry with the software, so I remove the Yoroi on the extension Google Chrome and set it up again. When I open with the new wallet, and I see it it never show me the recovery phrase? Now I cannot see the old wallet that hold my 747 ADA. Can some one help me to find the wallet that I have 747 ADA, and then explain for me why I cannot send ADA to Binance account with the notice above?

Thank a lot!

Hey @Tung_Vu

You simply have to “restore” your wallet by clickling “restore” and then connect your Ledger device again.


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Thank you Zyroxa!

Is there any other way to see my ADA wallet?
To restore the wallet that I have lost, can I use the 24 recovery phrase of Ledger Nano X? I don’t want to use that because I afraid that during I put the recovery phrase in, the hackers may copy my recovery phrase. I have some other crypto too!

Thank you a lot for helping!

You dont have to use your 24 words to recover the wallet. You have to connect the Ledger device with Yoroi by clicking “add a new wallet” → “connect to hardware wallet”.

Thanks, Zyroxa,

I did but I still cannot see the wallet that I have lost.
All wallets are zero!

Please help me!

Thank you very much

Do you see any outgoing transaction on the Shelley - Ledger wallet? If not id recommand you to try to connect your Ledger device via


Thank you for the quick feedback!

I connect by, and still not see any ADA

Do you have some way in please help me!

Thank you!

If you also dont see your funds here and also dont see an outgoing transaction, i guess that you never had funds on the wallet connected to your Ledger device. Did you had another wallet which wasnt connected with the Ledger device?

One thing I remember is that. Once I see the status of this wallet where hold my ADA is that “inactive”. I have only one Ledger Nano X.
Many times I open the yoroi, It requires me to connect my Ledger Nano X in order to see my ADA.


I am sure that the wallet I have ADA is the wallet that I connected to my Ledger Nano X!

So, ur wallet has 745 ADA balance, what is the issue?

Now I cannot see the wallet that I have ADA. I remove the yoroi extension, and then set up again. Now I cannot see the wallet that I have ADA in!

Go to yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - connect ledger
After u exporting the keys to yoroi u should see the funds

Al this time keep ledger live and cardano app opened


Did you reset your Ledger device somehow?

I didn’t ever reset my Ledger!
You have any other idea to help me?

Have a good day!