Resuming operation after turned off nodes

I was building a node in january this year, i had no internet for some months because they was posing the optical fiber, so i’ve decided to turn off the nodes. Now i’ve fixed this problem and all it’s fine. I was running my pool in testnet preview, now i would like to turn it on again to continue to learn and in future have the nodes running on mainnet.
I’ve followed the coincashew guide and i would like to understand how can i update my pubblic ip address, and also the counter, because in january i’ve just turned off the relay and the block producer and that’s it.
I’ve already updated the node to version 8 with all the config files, and the block producing after downloaded the blockchain it started ad Core into gLiveView, so i think there are only a few things to adjust.
Is there someone that can help me to understand a bit better how manage the ip and the counter? Should i create new adresses and register again the stake pool and the addresses?

You should be able to just update the relevant aspects in the registration certificate, e.g. your IP address. Updating Stake Pool Information - CoinCashew

You can then rotate the KES keys, Issuing a New Operational Certificate - CoinCashew

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