Coincashew users - KES rotation - change in guide?

Hi guys, just resurrecting my old topic for a new question.

I’m still using the coincashew guide for my stake pool and haven’t had any issues.

I notice the guide now includes a step to manually increment the node.counter number,

Each time you generate a new operational certificate, you must increment the value of Next certificate issue number for the description key in the node.counter JSON file on your air-gapped, offline computer. To edit the node.counter file, use a text editor.

But I have never manually increased the counter. It happens each time I generate a new node.cert automatically. Is this guide incorrect now?


if your next increment counter is fine (should be > than the OpCert used last time → blocks → OpCertC) then you don’t need to increment it manually.
you will need to manually modify only if u are using and old backup for example…


yeah, that’s what I thought. The guide is a bit a misleading for that now. I’ll see if I can get it updated for clarity,