KES node state counter decreased after rotation

I just rotated my KES keys and encountered some strange behavior.

Before doing anything I checked the counter values with cardano-cli query kes-period-info and got the following results:

    "qKesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber": 3,
    "qKesOnDiskOperationalCertificateNumber": 3,

Then I used the same counter file as last time to generate a new operational certificate. The counter file showed Next certificate issue number: 4 before and Next certificate issue number: 5 after the generation. That seems correct to me.

After copying the certificate to the block-producer I checked the counter values again and now got the following results:

✓ Operational certificate's KES period is within the correct KES period interval
✗ The operational certificate counter too far ahead of the node protocol state counter in the operational certificate at: node.cert
  On disk operational certificate counter: 4
  Protocol state counter: 2
    "qKesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber": 2,
    "qKesOnDiskOperationalCertificateNumber": 4,

I don’t understand why qKesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber decreased to 2 now. Should I generate a new certificate with a lower counter now or is this some kind of bug?

Check on → blocks which number was used to produce last block… then use the next one to generate a new certificate



Thanks! Last block was indeed produced with counter 2.

Then create a new certificate with counter 3


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