Is the operational certificate (KES) ok?

Hello all,

Given the below current configurations (screenshots), is my operational certificate (KES) correct? Do I have to take any action before the current KES period is completed (current 622/53) ? I can see that qKesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber and qKesOnDiskOperationalCertificateNumber are both equal to 1 as one block already used my new certificate. I understand that I just need to increase the counter only if the current KES valid period is completed, right? Correct me if I am wrong. I do not want to miss any block. Thank you.


If you already minted a block with this certificate, you are ok. You don’t need to increment the counter for the next operational certificate, it increments itself. You need to decrement it for the next one only if you won’t mint any block with the current certificate.


Thank you @georgem1976 for the confirmation.

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