KES Keys Question HELP

Ran a check on my KES keys.
What is Nodestateoperationalcertificatenumber

It shows null

Will I not mint a block with this???

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Is your pool ticker FRSC? If yes u did not make any blocks till now, so u need to use the node counter 0 till u will make at least one block. Then use node counter 1 and so on…

should be

"qKesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber": null,
"qKesOnDiskOperationalCertificateNumber": 0,
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Ok, another question. In gliveview i showed Leader as 1 and went to verify my KES Was valid and found the issue above. Now that the CORE is back up I show leader 0

You KES key counter needs to be 0 if you haven’t minted a block, i.e. “null”. Then exactly +1 of the certificate last used to mint a block when renewed. It looks like you’ve renewed it a number of times but haven’t minted a block on those previous certs, so you should have rolled back to a “null”, or 0 KES key when you renewed it.

Unfortunately, it means you probably had an invalid KES key at the time of your allocated slot.

Have a read of this to renew the KES key and get it back to the right counter.

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Wow somehow I overlooked this. The one time I get selected I failed. Sounds like this should be investigated as a bug. Until I mint, I’ll need to change the counter back to zero every time.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Unfortunately I asked 2 days too late.

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Yeah, not a nice feeling at all!

But, it is good to see a small pool get a slot allocated!