KesOnDiskOperationalCertificateNumber 2 higher than KesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber

So after the last update to the version 8.1.1 I also had to Renew KES Keys. Now i see that my SP is not producing blocks and the last minted block was with KesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber = 9. Now KesOnDiskOperationalCertificateNumber is 11 as you see in the pic. I read somewhere that this can only be 1 difference. If so, what do I do to set it back to 10?

Not ok, u will need to use cold counter 10 when u will regenerate the KES

U can check also on → blocks what counter was used last time to produce blocks


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Work through this to manually change it back to what it needs to be Issuing a New Operational Certificate - CoinCashew

I managed to set it right. Thanks !

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