Reward/transaction fees transaction


Is there any separate transaction created for rewards transfer? How can we identify the rewards transferred from explorer? anyone can share an example transaction?

What wallet are u using?

I’m not using. I just want the details from APIs or something so that I can integrate it with my application. My concern is with balance transferred or added to the account which might be amount or fee or rewards

Rewards (which may be small) are accumulated in a separate “account” within ledger state.

Next time you make a transaction that reward account is emptied and wrapped into the transaction inputs.

Ok. Does this mean we can’t identify the particular transaction is for reward or amount transfer? Transaction input can be reward or amount, like that?

If a transaction withdraws from the account rewards, it will be in a specific “withdrawal” field of the transaction.

Okie. Can we such transaction ‘withdrawl’ in explorer? From rosetta-api I didn’t get such transaction yet so not sure.

See this transaction.

Note that one of the “From addresses” is stake1u8a9hthtcf...3raxgalr2cgmqau9. That is the reward address.

Thank you so much for the example!

So, this is the address who received rewards - stake1u8a9hthtcf…3raxgalr2cgmqau9?

Correct, that address had previously received those rewards and is now withdrawing them.

Ok! Thanks…

In the example, the reward amount is withdrawing from stake1u8a9hthtcf…3raxgalr2cgmqau9 and transferring to this address addr1q88t3jptdya…z86v3m7x4sn5wvla. [Correct me please if I’m wrong]

But I’m not able to find such a transaction where this account (stake1u8a9hthtcf…3raxgalr2cgmqau9) received the reward amount.

Can you please elaborate on it?

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The rewards are not stored on chain, but are part of the ledger state. See the Delegation Design Spec.

Ok Thanks!