Ripple effect

Hey there guys.

Do you think that the lawsuit filled by SEC against Ripple will bring the alt’s down?

ADA has already taken a hit.

It’s been well known in advance that Ripple’s days were numbered; the recent lawsuit has been waiting in the wings for over a year now. We discussed a few months ago whether any of the same susceptibilities could apply to Cardano and the informed consensus was a definite no:

So whatever “alts” are brought down according to similar regulatory pursuits, Cardano won’t be among them. On the contrary I would say a lot of Ripple’s capitalisation (what isn’t lost by a shrivelling XRP) will be looking for a new home, and a lot of that will settle in ADA due to Cardano’s recent and imminent technological advances & industry partnerships.

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Thank you for the memory refresh!

I do recall your topic now.


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I think this shakeout is ultimately healthy. XRP’s valuation never made sense to me.


Agreed. Ripple will set the example. And just for that it’s worthy.

The cryptospace needs some house cleaning to fortify it’s credibility.

In the long run the suit won’t matter. It’s still a shitcoin but as long as there are people willing to pay and use it, it will go up.

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I agree with CardanoMax, People will pay good money for crap coins, because they are too lazy to do their own due diligence especially during the beginning of bull runs, and volatility is part and parcel of new emerging industries especially when whales shake out weak hands. solid projects will be the big winners in the end , yes Cardano has had delays but I am glad that C.H and team are vigilant in testing and measuring before they bring updates to market, and they aren’t bullied by external forces or FOMO, The best product and service will win the race and we are still in the infancy of this new industry. Just overlap the internet bubble chart with the crypto chart and that will give you an indication where good solid projects are going in the long run. I am proud to be an ada holder and I’m in it for the long run as i can see the potential this project has to offer. Congrats to the whole team for having the vision and endurance to bring this to market and keep up the great work
cheers Milan

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