Rock PI

Hi everyone. I have been involved as an investor ( supporter) since day one with ADA. I am going to involve myself with the Shelley incentivized testnet and looking forward to the future development.

My question,

I purchased a rock pi device and have put the device together and I have a visual. Where I am having difficulty is figuring out how to flash the emc chip. CAnnot seem to figure out how I can do this… I have a usb card reader and an available sd card that I apparently need to install Armbian in order to run a staking node. Does anyone have any information on this or a clue as to where I could reach out to someone that is more technical?

Thanks Chris


@werkof Has a full guide on how to set up your Rock Pi here on the Clio.1 Education website Here

Hope this helps! :+1:

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watch out this lesson

You don’t need an SD-Card, but you (once) need an Adapter to flash the eMMC-module.
You can see it here, looking like a green key. Or alternatively there is a USB-to-eMMC adapter.


I did as you suggested and ordered the USB to eMMC adapter and downloaded etcher to flash image to chip. ( armbian_599_Rockpi-4b_Ubuntu_bionic … When I do so I get the following error

Hi, I guess you just need to unzip it first.

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Unfortunately I do not believe that will help because I get this error when unzipping Armbian

You need some proper archiving tool, like WinRAR or 7-zip, cos’ Windows doesn’t support that compression method.
Also try downloading the file again, maybe it’s corrupted.