Rock pi 4 connected and now what´s next?

I´m already follow the , my cardano rock pi is working and showing the IP address , now what´s next ?

You need to either connect a screen and keyboard directly to the RockPi or login to it over the network from another computer. You can google for info on how to do that, it’s the same for any computers running the same operating systems, not specific to RockPi. When you’ve done that this is the next stage:

Search and read about ssh connection to get into your rockpi from a pc.

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And if you are not familiar with linux I would also read about that.

There is no easy way to set up a stake pool.
Follow the IOHK guids to setup Jormungandr, start with a passive node and work from there.

Search for the Telegram stakepool operators channel, lot of information there.

The IP shown on the display is what you can use in your (W)LAN network to connect to the RockPi’s operating system.

As already mentioned here use a SSH terminal client (for example Putty if your own is a Windows computer)

Then I recommend jormungandr setup guide like

or the Tipps&tTricks provided by Chris

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Thank you a lot for the information :grinning:

Hi all, I connected to my rock pi using Putty , but now is asking for an rock pi´s user and password , how do I get it?

User: root
pw: 1234

So does your Rock Pi 4 work on Shelley?

BaKon (BKN) got a pool running on Android