Starting a Cardano Stake Pool

What is the simplest and most direct way to start a stake pool?

My wife, our son, and I have been researching. We have information overload, and need it reduced to the simplest terms.

We would like to be ready soon after the Shelley rollout.

Is there somewhere a bullet point list of minimum requirements?

Thank you.

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You can start with prerequisites here.

The up to date tutorials (recommend in the form exercises first) is available here.

While I fully understand that everyone loves videos to follow, I strongly advise against them for
creation of stakepool - (not because of quality and content) but only because the steps taken in Videos will be point-in-time, while there are changes everyday being added/corrected - which makes following videos a bit of a blurb at the current (early) stage.

After you’ve gone through the tutorials to understand how things work, check out cntools script which will automate most of your pool registration and wallet/keys management.


Get a pc, install ubuntu, and start learning.
Follow the IOHK cardano-node tutorials, try to setup the node an register your pool by yourself on the HTN.
It is doable but not as easy at it all may seem, (if you are a beginner with Linux/IT network stuff /scripts.

As stated above, if you follow a video you are learning a trick, if any thing fails you can’t solve it yourself. So try to do it on your own.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

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Blurb :joy:, love it :two_hearts:

There is a device called Rockpi which a Vimeo video claims can be used to set up a Cardano stake pool.

Has anyone here had experience with it?

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While it was quite a good success, it was created for a different (rust-language based node called jormungandr which is used in incentivised testnet) network. There are some open questions about whether it will be usable for Haskell nodes (used in links before).
Checkout this post from the creator of “Cardano on the Rocks” :slight_smile:


Hi @Emanatepresence, @rdlrt makes a valid point even though it was a success in the early stages there seems to be some issues surrounding compatability and as a result @erikd representative/developer pointed this out and recommended to use a NUC box.

Hope this helps Thx for reading.

You may also want to check out this thread as there seems to be some developments.

Big Pey! He’s awesome.

So I have a couple questions. Since ITN will stay, would someone be willing to troubleshoot my pool just to verify I did it right ? I have my stake pool running. It’s showing up on the explorer and pooltool website, but on the explorer page my ticker and pool information isn’t showing up. In pooltool the ticket shows up but It’s not showing up with any rewards or any blocks that I’ve possibly made. If you need me to create another thread I can . Don’t want to hijack this one. Thank you.

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Lol, Hijack away my friend :vulcan_salute:

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Thanks Man!
First off, I guess I want to understand a little more on how the itn.explorer page receives the info. Does the pool information have to do with the or the json file we have to submit with the foundation on github ?

P.S.Please let me know if this makes sense.

For reference

Pool id: 7dd62eea1c1b7ce59d2538ac2ceb30241ab5e9385fa89ff3712d51103f9d4644


I’m only staking what I have from my snapshot solely because I want it to be as real world as possible. Given my circumstances. I’m wondering if I’m not too favorable in the pool that can be a contributing factor. Doubt it but I never know. Lol

Hello! I am trying to setup a stakepool as well and have been browsing through the steps on the links you pointed above. There is this part that asks to download Cardano configurations from this path:
But there is an option of “ff” config (which I think means friends and family), and another is “mainnet” config. I am installing today June 22, so which among this config is appropriate to use? I want to have my stakepool be able to connect to the Shelley Mainnet to be launched by end of June. Thanks.

You should be using FF for current public haskell testnet, staking on mainnet network wont be available until end of July.
But please consider raising a new post as it could mix up the content of this one.

OK. Thanks for the response. For future inquiries about my own stakepool setup, I’ll post a separate one.

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Will check t

Will check thread linked. Thanks. On my own search found this:

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This will not work “at the moment” with Shelley node…

You need an x86 board.

Works with the testnet Jormungandr node.

Thank you guys for the info… So any good ideas of what I could use this Rock Pi 4 for?

Welcome @FINDING_MIAM to the community :vulcan_salute:

Glad to finally be on the forum! I’ve been staking ADA since the first test net, now I want to get my pool actually running. What do you guys think about the nuc? Would this be competitive with some high speed network and 600,000 Ada staked?