Short Rock Pi node video


I have just purchased the Rock Pi have the 3D Printed case on the way, is this still a viable project or should I look for a refund on my purchase, please advise…

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hey @CryptoADApter, welcome and congrats on your first post! it’s awesome that you’re getting stuck in, the more nodes the merrier :nerd_face:

as for advice, @werkof - the guy in the video - would be the one to ask!

I appreciate the point in the right direction. Thanks!

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[quote=“misteraxyz, post:3, topic:28975”]
[/quote]Hello Markus any chance of a response to my above question?

if he doesn’t respond, you can send him a direct message. if you go to his forum profile, you should see the [message] button on the right side.

Hi, just went back to the forum sorry for the delay.

The RockPi Project was developed, tested and published with Jormungandr/Rust node.

The Haskell team has so far officially supported no other platform than the Linux operating system on x86 CPUs. There are multiple aarch64 builds running on the HTN, but it’s still not clear if and how well it will perform in a fully featured setup.
Sporadic TX load tests in the HTN show even mid-class servers peak to 100% CPU. So I expect this is something that need some significant performance tuning and process improvements next weeks. But so far I can’t give any guarantee how it will work then.


Thanks for that was searching for that option…

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Thanks Markus this is all beyond me only encouraged by the fact there are others saying they are starting from scratch…cheers!