RockPI node for new Shelley Haskell era

I’ve been trying to set up a “Cardano on the rocks” on the new Haskell infrastructure. Unfortunately the OS is not supporting the software versions used for creating tag 1.18. Is there a way to set up RockPI on Shelley mainnet or should I switch to other solutions, like Cloud?

People are still buying “Cardano on the rocks” and afterward they find out of this incompatibility. A deprecated tag should be put on “Cardano on the rocks” if this is obsolete because it’s hurting the entire effort put on Cardano.

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This post might help you:

He’s talking about a Raspberry Pi in there but the concept should be the same; the RockPi and Raspberry Pi have the same CPU architecture. Make sure you have the 8GB RAM Rockpi. Some responses on that thread indicated they’re having problems with only 4Gb of RAM.

I did have problems with my 4Gb Rockpi also and I just gave up. I just tried it with one of my old Rockpis lying around. If you have the 8Gb variant, this should be worth trying out.