RTView showing 2 forged blocks, but my Stakepool still produced 0 blocks according to pooltools, adastat or adapools

I’ve seen my node’s RTView show 1 forged block in epoch 261, and 1 more in epoch 262.


But on the different SPO utility websites, I can see that my pool (SPFR) still didn’t send any block to the blockchain. I’ve searched for orphan blocks too, in case I lost 2 slots battle (which is quite unlikely), but they are none.

I’ve also been trying to grep the node logs for the following, without any result:

  • TraceNodeIsLeader
  • Leading
  • Forged

I don’t understand why RTView is showing me forged block, and I’d really like to know if I’m missing blocks here because of some misconfiguration. I don’t know where to look for answers. Do you have any ideas ?


Interesting that you dont have TraceNodeIsLeader event in your logs…
query the forge promethues metrics with curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep cardano_node_metrics_Forge

but notice you have a lot of missed slots…

That is not a good sign for proper node performance…
by the way are you using cncli tool to get your scheduled blocks - you can get the schedule for this epoch - it is very useful to be ready for the block creation

Hi there !

Grepping on prometheus for cardano_node_metrics_Forge did not get me any result. I’ve put the prometheus metrics on this pastebin.

I have a lot of missed slots but they seem to be stable. I think that they come from my relay regular restart (for topology update), but I’ll further investigate that.

I did not know cncli, but it seems like a very interesting tool. I’ll integrate this with the next cardano-node in my docker. Do you have any other ideas?

also would be interesting to see the delay on receiving slots…
check this post:

and do you have chrony installed? follow this guide if not