RTViewer Constantly Refreshing

Using release 1.26.2 with RTViewer running on AWS. I followed the default install for RTViewer, binding to port 8024 and then poked a hole in the inbound port 8024 on my instance. I can see the RTViewer status screen but it keeps refreshing at a 1 second rate and doesn’t appear to be populated with data. I’ve tried Firefox, IE, and Lync with the same results so I’m sure it’s not the browser. With LiveView gone and RTViewer not working, I’m looking for suggestions.


for me it did not work because there were problems with configurations

but after that it started to work

Thanks laplasz, this certainly helped me on the road to getting data.
What fixed the flashing was to specify the absolute path to the static directory rather than the default (“static”). This is asked for when you run the executable and establish the -params.json file for the first time. Once I did this the interface came up properly.

Correct: “rtvStatic”: “/home/ec2-user/static”,
Incorrect: “rtvStatic”: “static”

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