Notice: TraceForwarder's queue is full, 200 log items were dropped!

Hi, I’m running a cardano-node executable to send data to the cardano-rt-view. After a while from starting the node, I’m seenig this on the console.

Is that a common problem or i did something wrong with the configuration, any idea?

OS: Ubuntu 20.04

hi there
i have the same issue after 2 days…
some bug


Same issue with RTView. Experiencing this as well with “Notice: TraceForwarder’s queue is full, 200 log items were dropped!” messages on nodes. rtview shows nodes as idle

Debian 10
node 1.25.1
rtview 0.3.0

Same issue, node 1.26.2

Hi All,
I’ve got the same problem. I’m accessing publicly via AWS and the RTViewer screen keeps refreshing/blinking at about a 1 second rate. From what I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be data in the interface either. I followed the installation and the webserver starts without error using the default configuration provided in docs. Are you seeing this browser blinking problem in parallel with the log full error message?

Has somebody found the solution for this problem? I have stumbled on the same issue.

HI korilium,
If you’re referring to the blinking issue, I’ll re-post my fix from another related thread:

What fixed the flashing was to specify the absolute path to the static directory rather than the default (“static”). This is asked for when you run the executable and establish the -params.json file for the first time. Once I did this the interface came up properly.

Correct: “rtvStatic”: “/home/ec2-user/static”,
Incorrect: “rtvStatic”: “static”

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Hi smudzro,

Thanks for posting the solution.
I ended up just reinstalling the node and then the issue was resolved.