Run cardano-cli on Offline node


I’m setting up a Stake Pool and am in the process of using an offline node to create the cold keys.

I have lifted the cardano-cli off the core node onto the offline node, but am unable to run cardano-cli.

My offline node is a Raspberry Pi using Raspberry PI OS (Debian), do i need to install some extra dependencies so I can run the binary, or perhaps I’m missing something else.


RaspberryPi has an ARM processor. Out of the box, it likely uses arm32 (i.e. the 32bit version of RaspberryPi OS). The 64bit version, that you would want to use on RaspberryPi 4 is still in beta.

Cardano is compiled with the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) and then with Cabal as the build system. The state of GHC on ARM is described here.

In case you are trying this out (i.e. compile cardano) on the Pi, I’d be interested to know how it goes. I have a 64bit Pi, which presents additional hurdles.

Thank you for the reply. Hopefully the ARM info will do the trick as I only want to generate the offline keys on the PI, it will not be a relay or core node.

Any progress on this?

Yes. You can compile cardano-node for the ARM64 as well as AMD64. I have compiled for both and run both versions on the appropriate architecture machines.

Raspberry Pi 4 is ARM64.

Intel / AMD processors are AMD64.

We have had Docker images and binaries for arm64 for a while now - check out the Armada Alliance and also