Running headless node 24/7 in Reward Era

@h4ck3rm1k3: Which port? 3000 or 8090?

I wrote this all down, I am using the standard sources and steps with some minor tweaks.

ssh -L 4000:localhost:4000 -L 8090:localhost:8090 debian-build-speed


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Okay, yes I knew that. Any thoughts on this port 3000?

so you see outgoing connections on that port? I am not doing output port filtering lets chat here

indeed :sunglasses:

nice work zmeel

ah, got it!! I thought you injected some Haskell code :stuck_out_tongue:

I have written a little HOW TO on Github

Hey mate, I have installed Docker on my Synology NAS 716+II , and in the Registry list am now looking at several results when I type Cardano… which one would you recommend?

Another question: in your GitHub README. md file, I assume that all your instructions are to be copied in the Terminal? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I am not a developer.

Hi CosmosX,

Currently, I would not recommend downloading a Docker image from a total stranger simply because of security reasons. There are a lot of scam wallets out there and maybe the Docker image is a scam image and as soon as you have some ADA in your wallet it is gone :sunglasses:. Who knows? Current Docker images could be completely clean and legit but nobody is going to give you any guarantees, I guess…

I’m not a Docker expert and maybe I’m completely off but that’s currently my opinion on these type of Docker images. Maybe, a Docker expert can confirm or debunk my opinion…

In my tutorial the official Debian image is used to build a Docker image yourself. So, if you understand some Unix you could interpret the commands and decide for yourself if it is save to build the image and yes the instructions are commands you have to enter via a terminal :grinning:

Having said that, I have some troubles with my Docker container running the Cardano-sl node. My Internet connection resets every morning at 05:00 and the node stops collecting new blocks after the short Internet outage. I opened an issue at Cardano’s Github but got no response from the developers. Most of the time this means that they don’t consider it a real issue and most probably it has something to do with my setup.



Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. Yes I can do some unix and will definitely do that, and will let you know how it goes.

I’m curious as to why your internet resets every morning?


I reset my Internet (modem and router) on purpose to have a fresh system every day. I have two adolescents at home that are very heavy WiFi users and after a certain amount of data the modem is getting sluggish. Hence, the automated reset…

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I’ve set up a 24/7 windows server in azure with the wallet installed. Granted it’s s heavy footprint compared to a headless Linux node, but it was very easy :slight_smile:

I’m hoping we will be able to run a stake-only wallet on 2016 core at some point in the future, but for now I’m set, just need to turn the server on when the reward era starts.

Ps - if you are paying the azure costs personally, this approach will not be a profitable endeavour.

@gordondevoe: My NAS is already running 24/7 so why not put it to good use by running a node on it. The NAS has 4x 4Tb hard drives in RAID 5 mode so I have a lot of space to store the cardano blockchain and in case of a hard drive failure I just swap disks.

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My Synology NAS is up and running 24/7 so if there is a simple package to install i want to run it