[Video tutorial] Building Daedalus/Cardano-SL on Ubuntu

I made a video guide during the weekend on how to get everything running on Linux.

Feel free to check out my Steemit post here: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@sebastiengllmt/building-daedalus-cardano-sl-on-ubuntu

Hope this helps everyone :slight_smile:


very nice. thanks

I’ve a dedicated VPS instance. Can the wallet run in headless mode? Obviously the node does, but I’m not sure about the wallet. When they’re out of the bootstrap phase, will there be a need to run both wallet and node at the same time to actively participate in the staking process or?

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Hey Sebastian! Amazing how everyone is coming together -
If you put “Video Guide” in the headline could help many more people!
Thank you ! :):grinning:

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