Ruuang Connecting by Utopia Club

Ruuang Connecting by the Utopia club is a Web 3 community meetup event from various blockchain enthusiasts, tokens, projects and all entities that use Web 3 as their base. They have a mission to #Connecting The Blocks, which is to provide space for every enthusiast to connect and collaborate with their respective projects. This meetup is usually held every 2 weeks, at least 2 meetups a month. In this meetup activity, usually enthusiasts will gather and talk about potential collaborations.

The Indonesian Cardano community was present at this meeting to connect with several other communities to catch information about blockchain developments in general. Some of them are interested in Cardano because it has unique characteristics and is different from other chains.

Most of them are running the project using the EVM integration. They say they are developing a more familiar language, and they are interested in creating an integration with Cardano for their project.

We introduced the projects currently running on Cardano, some asked why Cardano doesn’t have many projects that can be used? This is one of our obstacles in the Indonesian Community, not having qualified developers to build something in the Cardano ecosystem. We invited several developers or project managers to create something on the Cardano Chain through the Catalyst by Ideascale project.

We created a small group to explain how the Cardano ecosystem works and what the current projects are in this ecosystem. We provide testimonials regarding the Success Story of obtaining Two Fund Proposals at Fund 9 for the “Cardano Hub Surabaya & Cardano Workshop Jakarta Proposal and the Cardano Woman Indonesia Proposal”. Some of them participated in coaching to make new proposals for the next fund.

Ruuang Conecting By Utopia, Feb 25th 2024