Saying goodbye to a Cardano OG

Grateful for all he has done for Cardano and the Cardano community, we are waving goodbye to Andy Hendrikx: a man so cool, his last name ends on an x.

Andy has been in the Cardano ecosystem since 2017, a veritable OG. He’s been instrumental in keeping the Cardano Foundation on track as one of the Guardians of Cardano back in 2018, and became part of the Foundation in 2019. His diligence, decency and knowledge of all things Cardano and community-related gave great depth and power to the voice of Cardano. He will be sorely missed, but we take comfort in two things: he’s taught many of us well, and he’ll be around in the Cardano community.

@Andy_Hendrikx: have a great time on your next endeavours and keep going for number 1!


For almost two years we dealt with each other on a daily basis, not seldom also on weekends. :))

That was a great time. Thank you very much. I wish you all the best for your future. @Andy_Hendrikx

PS: Should you really make your dream come true and open a bar, I’ll be sure to stop by. But please make sure that we can pay in ada.


Thank you too, Tommy. You have been a very pleasant colleague.

And regarding the bar, my significant other wouldn’t let me have a bar but I’ll tell her you said so.


Wish you the best going forward Andy - Thank you for your service and all that you’ve helped promote and build :raised_hands:


Really sad to see you leave the Cardano Foundation @Andy_Hendrikx!

However, I wish you all the best and hopefully your wishes will come true!

I hope we stay in touch from time to time :slight_smile:


GodSpeed, @Andy_Hendrikx

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Good luck @Andy_Hendrikx !
Thank you for all your kind help! :bouquet:

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Sorry to see you go Andy, however, excited for you’re next adventures and how you will continue to contribute to the ecosystem! Be well.

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Good luck @Andy_Hendrikx! Keep us updated on your future endeavours


Good bye and thank you for contribute to Cardano!!

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@Andy_Hendrikx, Andy bedankt voor wat je voor de cardanocommunity, ook in Nederland, gedaan hebt. Waarschijnlijk stop je ook als moderator bij de Nederlands/Vlaamse telegramgroep? Alle goeds gewenst voor de toekomst.

Andy thanks for what you have done for the cardano community, also in the Netherlands. You will probably also stop as a moderator at the Dutch/Flemish telegram group? All the best for the future.

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My sincere thanks for all you have done for the community, Hendriks… for your always fast, patient and kind responses, for guiding me in filling out my first PoW and especially for taking the time on more than one occasion to give encouragement and recognition words to a beginner’s humble contribution (mean a lot to me).

Hoping to see your wishes for the future fulfilled.

Happy trails Andy! Thank you for all your efforts over the years!