Scala 3 for programming on cardano

Hello, i have a question.
Is learning scala 3 gonna be useful for programming on cardano? In the latest podcast Charles said that he would recommend people learning it, but he didnt specify if its gonna be useful for programming on cardano. I also watched some of his youtube videos, where he is talking about the whole oroborus system, K framework, IELE and other stuff, and as far as i understood it, it will be possible to program on cardano with programming languages like java, C++ etc etc, somewhere in the near future. But since im not really an expert, im just trying to make sure that i understood things correctly. I’ve been learning haskell for a few months now, and gathering tehnical knowledge about cardano and all that stuff, but since i dont have a lot of experience from the past, other than a few months of programming python, some probably very simple things seem kind of complicated from my view.
So yeah in conclussion my question is, is learning scala 3 from scratch a solid option for programming on cardano in the future. Or am i totally missing the point here.