Scam give away

I got scammed. Sent 2300 dollars to scanner. It looked so real. Live event. Announcement. I take full responsibility. And yet why Cardsno does not warn us? It is so easy to manipulate. It looks real live talk and is easy to block scanners on you tube why they left free to run?

Ok a second question / what is best course of actions?

Sny advice for assistance?



Answer to the first question:

Second: Report it to your local authorities.


Is there any stories of being ADA recovered from the scams?

To my knowledge there isn’t.


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And why we do not combine efforts and fight?

We have adddresses. Scammers can not hide. We have also contacts of channels in you tube?

You tube is channel for scammers.

I still do not understand why Cardano allows this to happen. Scammers use their network

In actuallity they can; which is what they do (eventually).

I think you skipped this link:

Scammers use their network beacuse it’s decentralized, anyone can use it.
Enabling a tag system isn’t as easy as you might think; and somewhat(?) defeats the purpose of the ecosystem.


You mean they can excape? Have heard of poly hacker? He could not cash money and had yo escape. Money still in the system somewhere. They used Cardano network. I am surprised cardsno does not help

Cardano is like “Texas”!

@olache I do not know where you got that info; what happened is that USDT (tether) did in fact lock their part of the assets; you know why? beacuse it IS a centralized system.

Along with that, he did retrieve the funds out of free will; and btw kept 500k$.

Check Polynabwork tweet where they ask if the “Dear Hacker” can PLEASE return the funds.

Don’t be surprised with Cardano empowering you, and you yourself not be able to match it. Or be, I don’t know you so can’t form an opinion (valid).

Along with that, how much many more warnings do you want them emmiting?


Me too stay strong please