Scam YouTube

i just lost 1500 Adas… YouTube channel online for almost 8 hours live…

Cardano shouldn’t permit that…

Also a website with Charles Hoskins 2012 dot com

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[Link removed by @napoles]

youtube channel
[Link removed by @napoles]

Unfortunately @cesarrdz neither CF or Hoskinson can do anything besides what they already did.

Scammers are like shrooms in rainy days.

Recover your losses and move on; great opportunities are incoming to the network.


I wanted to see this post earlier because i just got scammed :frowning: i am such a fool!

Sorry friend i see alot of channel running right now live in youtube with the same scamm porpouses i am really sad, because i report and report all day but nothing happers, stay away from sites or channel that not permit comments.


Thanks for your kind words. There is nothing we can do other than the spread the word and prevent others to fall for this scam.