SCAM currently running using Charlie Hoskinson on youtube right now

Hi All,

Just thought I would jump on here to see if we could get someone to stop the current SCAM being run. It is using Charlie’s previous talks. [Link removed by @Zyroxa] there are other videos that keep popping up using him as an anchor for their scam

[Link removed by @Zyroxa] is one that is running currently.

There was another link - but I did not grab it.

Hopefully people are aware not to send any Cardano to someone claiming that they will double it if 2500+ are sent.

The scammers are running this youtube channel this [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Why does a coin claims to BE safe and trusted? I hope they die in a car accident! Or without air in their lungs… All of this on a short period of time

Perfect i got scammed!

If they Run a YouTube Chambel it shoulD be a way of stopping them… YouTube… And their política at his best!

me too :frowning: Do you know, is there a way to get the money back? Do not think so?

You may want to try getting in touch with CipherTrace Defenders League. I’m not affiliated with them and there is no such thing as a guaranteed success. But it’s worth a try.

I also got scammed for 2500 ADA. here is the address

There was a live video from ADA foundation with Charles. Please help to retrieve it.

Did you get it back?