Sept 30 2 year aniversary Meetup in NYC

I hope everyone in the area can make it:

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Our thanks to everyone who attended the meetup last night as we celebrated Cardano’s two year anniversary.

I’d also like to thank the Foundation for sending Cardano T Shirts for the attendees. They were greatly appreciated!

This meetup had a more relaxed format, and we had some great conversations about what kind of impact Cardano is going to have on the blockchain space and the world at large.

We had several people from dLab in attendance (, as well as Rob Cohen who is an IOHK Haskell Developer and Product Manager focused on off-chain scaling solutions. He is also a New York resident so we hope to see him at future events!

Photos of the event can be seen here:

NYC Cardano Blockchain Group

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This group is for anyone interested in blockchain tech in general and Cardano in particular. We think this technology will transform many aspects of society in the coming year...

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We have tentatively scheduled or next meetup for October 15th and will have our official invite out for that ASAP.