Setting BP.. (Missing --socket-path..)

I faced a problem during installing a new BP
How to solve it?

Is your node fully synced?

What happens with cardano-cli -v?

I was just getting ready to post a response when this thread popped up in the forum search – I think I’m stuck on the exact same point as you @Dr.Meow. @jeremyisme using cardano-cli -v gives an invalid option. I believe my node is fully synced – I’m on the correct epoch but there is a disparity on slot number between my node and display – my slot number is higher than pooltool

sorry, try cardano-cli version

i.e. just making sure the executable is responding correctly.

What version have you installed? 8.9.1?

cardano-cli version
cardano-cli - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev da945ea983d4722a9ffe54250edba9a193a57cf0

The current pre release version is 8.10…?

Oh, I think the version I had was listed as the latest before – the build wasn’t failing previously.

Apologies for hijacking your thread @Dr.Meow

yes, is the latest cli version, the version have ot out of sync from the node versions.

I’ll douuble check if the command runs as expected for me. I use the Coincashew guide as well, but haven’t updated the KES lately so haven’t run that command on 8.9.1 yet.

Thanks for taking the time – I’m prepping the 8.9 config files right now to replace the 8.10 versions. Is there any other process I should do instead of just overwrite them? Er, that is, assuming that ghc-8.10 are the github configuration files ie; alonzo, shelley, etc. I’m guessing that this is where my problem is but I may be way out in left field…

Are you running mainnet or preview?

Latest mainnet node is 8.9.1.

8.10 is just for preview, etc.

Mine is working still the same and correctly. So there hasn’t been a change in 8.9.1

In terms of your slot number, which network are you running on?

Maybe, it requires (and allows) to give the socket path as an argument now if $CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH is not set?

Any update to your problem @Dr.Meow ??

Yup. Already said. Full sync and running node.

I’m running 8.10 – I’ll replace my mainnet node files and see what shakes out. I’m running on mainnet, to answer your following question.

did you solve your problem?? how?

node is 8.9.0… sorry for this late reply.


8.9.0 version

Does your cardano-cli respond to other queries?

it responds --h --version…

What happens if you run just:

cardano-cli query tip --mainnnet


cardano-cli query tip --socket-path SOCKET_PATH --mainnet

i.e. try run it without the jq command with it.

Also, this post has a similar problem as yours Mainnet 1.34.1 first sync - cardano-cli query tip --mainnet - #20 by rdlrt

I think the resolution there was that the node wasn’t actually running, hence no socket file.

Can you confirm the cardano-node status?

sudo systemctl status cardano-node

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