Setting up a node then moving location?

Hey guys,

If I set up a node on physical hardware then need to move location can it be done without distrusting the staking pool? Is there a way to migrate it to new hardware like copied whilst still running at a different location, so it stays online. Or am I missing something here, as I am trying to learn what I can. Or would cloud hosting be more suitable, as I want to set up a staking pool, yet have plans to move property in the near future.

Also with regards to hardware, surely it is better to have hardware that can be built upon by adding extra hard drive space rather than using a Rock Pi device, or am I wrong and if so please advice…

Gratitude in advance, tips appreciated… long live Cardano


just like you can spin up your Daedalus wallet on any device at any time, using your recovery phrase - same way you can spin up a stake pool at any device at any time, using your stake pool keys (yaml file with KES/VRF keys).
You can even run few nodes in parallel for failover using scripts
or JorManager

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Thank you so much for this… you’ve really helped, Great answer!

One more thing if you would… what set up do you recommend personally for efficiency and cost effectiveness. It is cheap to buy old rack servers with Xeon processors, drive slots and a decent amount of RAM. I an thinking of long term growth, future Cardano 5 years, or so??

I wouldn’t recommend investing into anything big and expensive from the beginning, we don’t even know Pledge requirements yet (how much ada a stake pool operator would need to freeze, in order to be competitive). Maybe you won’t even have a shot in running a competitive staking pool.
The key requirements are stable low-latency connection and electricity.

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Thanks I actually have an immaculate IBM x60 with docking Bay and 4gb RAM running Ubuntu. Wonder if it will suffice, what do you think?

I think some cheap VPS would be a better option than some very old laptop with hdd at home :))

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Great I will look into this then, as I have been staking some ADA. Hope it’s enough to be taken seriously if I can get set up.