Setting up cold air gapped computer

Hello. I am trying to set up my air gapped computer for my keys and I’ve been following the instructions/commands from coin cashew’s tutorial. I’ve come to a road block where it doesn’t have a directory it needs. My conclusion is that I missed a copy and paste command when I got distracted by somebody. So, I was wondering if there is a command that would remove all of the commands I’ve put in so I can start at the beginning and do it over. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


But on airgapped machin u copied cardano-node & cardano-cli binari files only right? What else u will want to delete?


Well, I’m new to this. So I have been copying the commands I found on for cardano cli, thx cup, cabal, etc. is this not right?

Ghc cup. Oops.

If u check the guide from coincashew guide u will need only cardano-node and cardano-cli files… but u can delete what u copied and start over

How do I delete? Or do I need to?

I think not. to delete them use rm (remove) filename


Thanks much.