Challenge:How would you re-write the instructions

First of all, I would like to thank previous post and input from all users…

I have been stuck for two days on getting the cardano-cli to run on my air gap machine…

I copied the file from block producer to usb and transferred to my air gap ( windows running vmware Ubuntu desktop). I copy to the usr/local/bin/ file and it will not run.

When searching topic’s this is a major hold up for many node builders. I was wondering what steps would you change if you had a chance to rewrite that parts of the instructions? I am using CoinCashew guide.

other details: noob on Linux (but learned a bunch in the last month), know my way around Windows…

I notice the permissions change on the cardano-cli file. When I placed it on the usb, I had all permissions, but after copy/paste to airgap usr/local/bin Cardano-cli is not root only permission…

I was able to change permissions on the usr/local/bin folders to me, but not the cardano-cli file…

I got all my keys made, just need this ops certificate, etc

I can see the goal line, but my cleats are slipping in the mud… lol

Any chance to get a set of better instructions, would greatly be appreciated. So many factors play into the issue.

Thanks, erndawg

what is the error received?
also run this command on offline node

chmod +x cardano-cli

command not found

I did run the chmod +x cardano-cli… input was good no errors on that entry.

if you type cardano-cli - -version what is the output?

Also can you try what command are u trying to execute?

I am at step 9 of the Coin Cashew guide Air-Gap offline machine steps…
Cardano-cli node key-gen entry

result-cardano-cli:command not found

Cardano-cli version command not found… on air gap machine…

Am i supposed to install that on air gap machine?

I think it’s related with the bash file… wait


echo export NODE_HOME=$HOME/cardano-my-node >> $HOME/.bashrc
source $HOME/.bashrc

I did echo export, reran the node key-gen… command not found…

Should I start the air gap machine process from start?

This was from last night. How can I tell if your commands overrode this command?

export PATH=~/.local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/snap/bin source /home/erndawg/.bashrc

Try from the current folder cardano-cli - -version
Then go to cd /usr/local/bin

Try again the above command …

This isn’t exactly air gapped…

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when I enter cd /usr/local/bin

I get a permissions denied…

ok, ok…

cd /usr/local
ls -l

I started on older laptop, and after changing permissions on files, the laptop froze up… I will have reload Ubuntu on that slow device…

Lesson learned… lol

just to be sure, the echo export command you gave me or the export PATH command from last night?

we will fix the export command later, just go to cd /user/local

and type pwd and ls -l

cd changed to usr/local no password needed…

can u share the output?