Shelley Incentivized Testnet: 3rd June 2020

Here are the latest stats from the Shelley Incentivized testnet. Click to enlarge the image and see how things are going.


I do love infographs, visualisation of information in an instance, thx🤘

Is there a manual or documentation how to get the most rewards by delegating a stake to a stakepool?

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This may help @Armado

WOW! cool thanks, but if I switch from one stake pool to another will that affect my rewards negatively?
In the beginning I delegated to stake pool number 1 but now this stake pool is at number 54 or something. I don’t know if I undelegate and delegate to another stake pool if that will be a wise thing to do in order to get the best reward.

Unfortunately that throws up a question mark for me also (@IOHK_Laurie) Have you tried to post in the #communitytechnicalsupport @Armado

No I didn’t post that question there. Is #communitytechnicalsupport the proper place to ask this?

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Yep @Armado :+1: :metal:

It depends on performance of the pools. Once you switch a pool, you will be waiting for 2 epochs (where you’re still delegated to previous pool , and earning rewards accordingly).

You dont need to undelegate at all, simply delegate to new pool

Lastly, @Armado @Trigger - It would be awesome if we could please keep to the topic of thread, and any queries that are seperate to original thread are created as a seperate post. This helps people following the original thread topic. Thanks for your understanding :pray:t2: :slight_smile: